Thursday, July 30

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Garden, Sundö, 11:06


I got up this morning at 7:30, full of ideas for how to proceed with the writing. I made breakfast and, while I ate, I completed today’s Duolingo routine.

I have fallen into a useful habit. I do my day’s language-learning routine early in the day, and then dip back in during the afternoon, and even more in the evening, to practice and recap. For once the gamified nature of the app appeals to me. I currently top the Sapphire League and work in the evenings to keep my place.

I remain uncertain as to how efficiently I will learn Finnish this way, but I have certainly improved over the last few weeks, and the sound-based exercises have definitely done me good.

After this I started writing. The rain came down briefly (but heavily) and after that I wander around the garden, taking a break. I notice this tree stump and, since I do not plan on doing anything inherently photogenic today, I take a picture.

Later I will go to Tirmo to buy eggs and beans. I will like the whole business of going somewhere: the walk, the ferry ride, and the countryside.