Saturday, July 25

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Sauna house, 10:55


The weather has slowly started to improve. I can see small patches of blue in the sky.

Having said that I can hear the sudden drumming of heavy rain on the roof. The weather has started to deteriorate again.

I sit in the sauna house writing; an hour into today’s surge. So far I have been organising and drafting papers 3 and 4 of what I think will end up as a 5 paper thesis.

I woke up with a brilliant idea for the first paper. I recently read an article that I partly agreed with, but which (in my opinion) veered wildly off the road and into the trees at the end. Writing a rebuttal to this paper will provide me with a way into the arguments I have previously sketched out for paper 1.

I look around the room and realise exactly how autumnal everything feels. I photograph the new shelf I put up last week. When I screwed it in everything appeared bright white. Now, at nearly 11 am, I work with the light on, in near darkness.

Ho hum.