James Lovelock

POSTED: July 24, 2020

James Lovelock will celebrate his 101st birthday on July 26, and has done some interviews to publicise his new book Novacene, published by Penguin on July 30.

I read one interesting interview with him in The Guardian

Asked about how he will celebrate his birthday, he said:

It won’t be anything like the party last year or we would be broke. But we will celebrate. If the weather is good, we will go for a walk. My wife Sandy and I go out for a two- to three-mile walk most days, along the coast or up the hills. I’ve been one of the lucky ones who enjoyed lockdown because there are fewer people and no parked cars. And I may work on my next book, which I am deep into now. It is about evolution, particularly evolution of humans. Humans are evolving rapidly. We have changed from a tribal animal into a city animal. Look at most insects and they have trod that path already. There is plenty to write about.

I hope I still feel I have work to do when I reach 101.