Wednesday, September 5

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Holborn High Street, 10:00

I had a very bad night’s sleep, in which I kept being woken up remembering something important I needed to do – something which usually turned out to be imaginary. I got up early and went to Tesco to buy the shampoo and conditioner I needed, along with a huge bottle of water and a Meal Deal for breakfast.

I am freshly showered and walking towards UAL for the first day of the Designs on E-learning conference. I will meet Martti, and sit through some interesting presentations. The one that will strike me most is by Ann Clements from Penn State, and looks at using tablets to foster collaborative learning. The student presentations of My Digital Life will also prove well worth a listen.

In the evening we will all make our way to Shoreditch House, a members only club in Shoreditch, for the conference dinner and party, at which numbers of people will dj using whatever is on their ipod. I will add Rinne Radio to the mix.

At approximately midnight I will get a taxi back to Clapham. The cost will be approximately the same as if I had bought a car and employed a chauffeur.