Thursday, May 14

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Garden, 14:21


Last night I woke only once, and then for about three minutes. I cannot remember exactly what dream I had running through my head as I woke, but it resulted in me laying in bed briefly trying to convert 2020 into hexadecimal. I fell asleep again after working out how to do it, and before actually trying to do it.

This morning I went for my post-breakfast walk and listened to the new album by The Lowest Pair, Perfect Plan, which I bought from Bandcamp last week. As I walked I did the calculation in my head, and when I got home I wrote the answer down.

I checked later on a conversion app and I had got it right. 2020 equals 7e4 in hexadecimal. The Lowest Pair album might well prove their best ever. It certainly hs a different approach, with a band that extends their two-banjo sound in wild and unexpected directions.

I spend the main part of the day conducting online interviews with Mirkko and Jutta. We have worked out a group task that forms a sequel to the individual forehandsuppgifter that they sent in, and the process works very well; at least as well as the face to face interviews we have done in previous years.

Now we have finished for the day. I take a break and wander into the garden as the sun appears. I photograph some flowers before walking to the mailbox and waving at some neighbours.

Later I will finish transferring all my notes from Evernote to Joplin and begin to explore Minecraft.