Monday, April 20

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Garden, 17:00


Nathalie has asked everyone to keep diaries of their (hopefully successful) attempts to work at home during the coronavirus lockdown. I noted this morning that I felt very unenthusiastic about getting up and sitting down in the freshly decorated workroom to spend the day pretending “to be at work”.

This does not count as a complaint. We have a situation that remains much, much better than most people in the world, and probably better than a good deal of people in Helsinki. I simply note it as a passing mood change.

A long walk in the Spring air switched me into work mode and I spent the day making examples for this week’s teaching, writing scripts for forthcoming podcasts, preparing for tomorrow’s progress meeting, and talking with Jutta and Mirko.

In the afternoon I step into the garden and look at the Tin Peacock which we let out of the shed yesterday. It shines brightly in the sudden sun.

Later we will go to a pizza restaurant, Ravintola & Classico, that leafleted us this morning. We will collect a pizza each and enjoy them with gusto and relish.

I think we will go back again before too long.