Thursday, April 9

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Puotila Beach, 10:45


The weather gods seem to have decided to play their greatest hits this month. Yesterday we got a summer’s day, complete with air so warm that I abandoned my winter coat for a light puffer jacket. Today, when I attempt to go out, I step into a late autumn, and the darkness and driving rain sends me back indoors into the warmth and light.

I start working early and take a mid-morning break to go for a walk when the weather changes dramatically again. I trot down to the beach just before the clouds disperse.

I stand on the beach looking at the sea and then at the children’s playground. I remember coming here in very different circumstances. I arrived here listening to podcasts. I walk back in silence.

As I walk the sky slowly turns blue, and the air warms up. By the time I get home again they have decided to play summer hits again.