Saturday, April 4

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Home, 17:54


We woke up to a deep blue sky trying to give the impression that summer had arrived overnight. It did not fool us.

Neither of us switched our computers on at all. Instead we went for a long walk through the woods where we got momentarily lost; something I have not done since before Auo died.

I learned that the various trenches and remnants of stone buildings have been left there since the war, and constitute a site of historical interest. The woods behind us cannot therefore have shops or houses built on them, without a special act of parliament.

Since a lot of building work surrounds us, as Helsinki plans rapid growth, I regard this as very good news.

We go to Prisma for food and decide to have something to drink this evening, for the first time since we started working from home. We opt for a couple of craft beers rather than the usual canned industrial goods. We have begun to pick a few new habits in the suddenly changed world.

This bottle comes from Ruosniemi Brewery, a microbrewery in Pori, “established by five beer-loving engineers searching for a hobby to balance the dullness of office environment and daily Excel-routines”. It horrifies Irma because the man on the cover looks almost exactly like a very old friend of hers. The series consists of three different beers, with three different faces and jobs on the label.

It tastes very nice. I doubt if we will drink it again.