Friday, April 3

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Garden, 12:05


I woke to the gentle swishing of snow as it fell in unfeasibly large flakes. It seemed to stop as I watched it.

After breakfast I went for a walk, listening to The Moral Maze as I did. I arrived home in two minds about it: intelligent discussion or smug chatter? I found it mildly confusing to discover that Michael Portillo seemed by far the most attentive and intelligent of the panelists.

The morning passed in attempts to create the perfect student assignment involving html, css and tables. By midday I felt convinced that I had come close enough.

I step outside.

The frost and snow still lay on the ground and I stop to photograph some of the tiles that used to constitute a path down the side of the house. Nowadays they get buried by snow in the winter and hidden by grass in the summer. They sometimes make fleeting appearances in Spring and Autumn.

The rest of the day will pass in Zoom tests, email flurries, writing and editing, and other such delights.

At 16:50 I will call a halt to the working week. I will look out of the window. The snow has stopped. The sun has come out.

I see blue sky.