Thursday, April 2

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Rohdinkuja, 12:00


Yesterday I woke up feeling completely lethargic. I felt as though the novelty had worn off and I had realised that I had been running round a treadmill the whole time. This morning I woke up to a series of odd and bureaucratic dream. I kept having to report for inspections, for which the criteria never got spcified.

I spent the morning preparing for the afternoon. I had a brief conversation with Jutta in which we each tested some more facets of Zoom that we needed to know about. We discovered that your can share your desktop or only one specific application, which might prove handy.

The day had started with rain and so by midday I had not left the house. Noticing that the rain has stopped I put on a cardigan and leap out. I wander down to the edge of the woods and take some photographs.

At 12:30 I will join a team meeting. At 12:45 I will leave the meeting to hold a tutorial. At 13:15 I will end that to begin teaching the second workshop of Block 1 of the Structuring Information course.

By 16:15 I will pray for dry weather and run out of the house.