Wednesday, April 1

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Raitamaentie, 8:34


Yesterday I had the first proper session of the Structuring Information course in Zoom with fourteen students. It lasted three hours and went well, as far as I could tell. I used an answer-with-your-phone Mentimeter presentation at the end to get instant reactions, and the numbers seemed satisfactory.

Today I will have 57 students for the opening session of the Interactive Storytelling course, which will mostly run itself, in a MOOC-style manner. Let’s see how that goes.

After breakfast I took the paper rubbish to the collection point at the end of Rautamaentie and decided to walk up it as my morning walk. I have not walked this particular road for some weeks.

Halfway up Rautamaentie I see this colourful scribble: the work, no doubt, of an energetic six year old abstract impressionist.

As I walk I listen to an episode of Infinite Monkeys a BBC Radio 4 podcast. If the coronavirus emergency has done anything to change my world so far, it has served to bring me back to listening to podcasts.

I have listened to a bunch every evening for the past five days, using the open source AntennaPod on my phone.