Saturday, March 28

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Garden, 13:00


We both woke up late, despite having gone to bed soon after Sinners ended at 23:00 last night. I felt glad not having to get up, go for a walk, and switch on the computer.

I did go for a walk but it had a different feeling, and I walked a very different route. During the week my morning walks have got to feel utilitarian. This felt more aimless and, in this case at least, aimless felt good.

In the early afternoon I walk around the garden and see a half-buried glass decoration glinting in the sun. If I turn to the right I can see a larger blue glass heart, also half-buried in the early grass.

Later I will go for another walk and this time I will listen to music: more Kendl Winter.

When Irma finishes working we will go to Stockmann to buy some food and find ourselves walking aroun a deserted store in an almost deserted mall.