Thursday, March 26

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Back garden, 16:27


Today started unexpectedly early and carried on as it started. Nothing happened exactly as I expected but everything happened more or less as I needed.

Things I did today:

  • Woke at 6:25 thinking of things I should do before meeting the students;
  • Added material to OneNote, as per above;
  • Checked some techncal bits and pieces with Jutta and Mirko;
  • Talked with Luke on Zoom for the first time in ages. This, incidentally solved some remaining technical questions;
  • Ran a two hour session with 17 students on Zoom and Teams
  • Wrote up some notes about how it all went down.

Computer off, I walk into the garden and look at the sky, which looks as empty as I feel. My feeling will pass in five minutes. The sky will remain uncharacteristically empty for several hours.