Monday, March 23

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Garden, 16:42


We spend the day determined to keep the work-day feeling going, helped by Teams meetings and Zoom calls. I take occasional walks to make definite breaks in the day.

I listen to Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie as I walk through the woods and round the block.

After lunch I have a Zoom meeting with Tomas to go through the final assignments for the Innovations course. The students have uploaded them to Its Learning and the server there seems so overburdened that we have to give up. Downloading a simple Powerpoint results in a twenty minute wait followed by an error message.

Tomas and I arrange to each download them onto our own computers very early tomorrow morning before people have woken up and started watching Netflix. We will meet to discuss and grade them on Wednesday.

Late in the afternoon, during a tea break, Irma and I see the two birds that arrive every year sitting together on the wires that run along the street. Spring has arrived. Thinking back, neither of us can remember if they arrived last year. Perhaps they didn’t.