Thursday, August 30

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Puotila, 9:10

Today is Auo’s birthday, and so we all wake her up at 8:00 with singing candles and presents. She has got an Acer Aspire laptop, a complete set of Power Rangers SPD, a case for her 3DS, some nail polish and jewelry, and chocolate.

Irma is taking Auo to school and so after breakfast I cycle to Puotila. I am leaving my bike outside the station and will shortly get the metro. I will spend a short day trying to write but getting interupted by administration.

I will arrive home at 15:30 for Auo’s party where I will stand in the garden grilling sausages on the barbecue. The eight girls will squeal, run around and sit doing stereotypical girly things. As usual, I will not be sure what I think about this.