Wednesday, August 29

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Arcada, 16:30

Another early morning, and this one was Irma’s birthday. Auo and I had breakfast and left a small smaple of gifts and cards at Irma’s place on the breakfast table.

I spent the morning dealing with the forthcoming academic year at Arcada, and the afternoon writing. Since this was a down day lunch was not an issue. I left my computer at about 16:20.

Now I am leaving the building but I have paused to look at the party downstairs. The official opening of the academic year was at 15:00 and this is being followed by a buffet and wine. Since I am racing home, I decide that I won’t stop for either.

At home I will set up a table of presents, including a decanter and wine glasses from Iittala (designed by Alfredo Häberli in 2001, the year Auo was born), a copy of Photoshop Elements, some blue cheese sauce that Irma loves and is hard to find, and some chocolate; along with the flowers, soaps and candles that the girls have bought.

By 18:30 I will have had a shower and Irma and Auo will arrive home from Auo’s first-ever cello lesson. Irma will drive off to collect Naa from tennis while Auo practises the cello in the back garden. Then we will have a party at home with some wine to go in the new wine glasses.