Wednesday, March 11

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Shower room, 18:27


I failed to cycle again because I suspected it would rain. It did, both ways. I stayed relatively dry.

I put lights on all over the house as dark begins to fall. If I don’t then I will get used to the fading light and forget. I put on the table light in the house-cleaning room and then step into the shower room on the way back. I look out of the window at the strange evening glow.

In a few minutes I will watch The Timeless Children, the final episode of the current series of Doctor Who. And what an episode! In just over an hour the entire mythology got a complete make-over.

We learned the “real” history of Gallifrey, and how the Doctor grew from an abandoned child with an unfathomable secret into the adopted sibling of the Master.

It cleverly wraps around the previous mythology without contradicting it at all, and sets up limitless possibilities for endless new stories.