Monday, August 27

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Arcada, 16:10

Yesterday I got an email from Martti inviting me to attend a conference next week as an Aalto Ambassador, and so I spent the early part of the morning trying to arrange it. I altered my teaching for the next ten days and booked flights and a hotel.

At 10:00 I had a long session with the entire first year explaining how online media fitted with film and television, and how we are heading for a future in which we think only in terms of static and mobile media. We watched stuff and I handed out a questionnaire about media usage which I will compile later in the week into a set of charts.

In the afternoon I wrestled with Arbs, ASTA and Its Learning, and had lengthy discussions with Jutta and others. WE talked (again) about what to do about Flash and agreed that games was the direction we would pursue for this, and possibly next, year.

The house has been full all day and now, walking down the corridor, it noticed that it has suddenly emptied and the rubbish bin looks like a sculpture.

When I get home Naa will be in Kamppi. Irma and I will go shopping for Auo’s forthcoming birthday party. After that I will do what Irma will claim is three weeks’ worth of ironing and clean the shower room walls and floor. Once I have finished the cat will piss on the floor while missing the cat-tray and I will do another round.

Then I will shower and go to bed.