Tuesday, March 3


Arcada, 10:45


Today the first year students present their hurriedly invented combination games in the large auditorium. They spent yesterday afternoon inventing games that combine two or more different elements: things you would not expect to find in the same game or sport. As usual they vary a lot.

We had the first example ever, as far as I can remember, of an internet-based game: a combination of a game in which people have to run around collecting things and a WhatsApp group. It worked well.

My favourite game (although not the most entertaining when played) combined football and taking selfies. The players all had to hold their phones up, and then run backwards looking at the ball through their selfie camera. I liked it because it had a very simple but very effective idea at its core, and it didn’t complicate it. I could also imagine selfie-soocer leagues with players wearing customised selfie helmets to leave their hands free.

While I think this I notice the case I bought in Daiso for my glasses and photograph it. In case I forget what it looks like, I suppose.