Saturday, August 25

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Sandholmsudden, 10:50

This morning was warm and sunny. We got up, got washed and drove to the market. It felt odd being in the audience, without a stall of our own. We bought fish and vegetables, and some knitwear for autumn. After stopping in Benita’s for half an hour we headed back to do some gardening and make food.

Camilla and Ann-Sofie have just organised a guess-how-many-potatoes-in-the-box comptetition. The correct answer was 566 and Irma had guessed 568. Now I am looking at the potatoes wondering how come I was so certain that it was two hundred and eighty something.

Svante and Camilla will come over to discuss the outdoor kitchen he will build. We will measure and sketch until everyone is in agreement about what it will be like and where it will go.

In the evening we will return to Benita’s with Mikael driving. It is the end of the season and there will be a bonfire on the beach. At some stage I will find myself sitting with Åke Anderssen drinking shots. This might explain why, later still, I will need specialised assistance to get into the car.