Wednesday, February 12

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Unioninkatu 38, 15:54


Today I finally located my 1985 response to Roy Shaw and typed it into Scrivener. It will form the second part of a three part e-booklet. The first part will include Roy Shaw’s essay while the third part will take the form of a contemporary commentary from whoever will agree to write one.

I have some candidates in mind.

According to Moodle I have a doctoral seminar in room B114 of the university’s Topelia building beginning in six minutes. I have had to find this building once before, when I had an initial tutorial with Johanna. I only remember this when I stand opposite Topelia looking at its grandeur.

Nobody else has arrived by the time the seminar should have started. I log into Moodle again and check the announcements to discover that Johanna has cancelled the seminar. Either I missed this notice when I checked this morning or the seminar got erased from the programme in the last forty minutes.

I have two other options. I can attend a seminar four hundred metres away on ayurvedic medicine, or I can go to Pixelache’s monthly members’ meeting for the first time in four or five months. I will opt for the latter.

I will sit there while people talk nonsense, thinking about the efficacy of ayurvedic medicine.