Thursday, August 23

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Arcada, 15:30

This was Auo’s late morning, and since I had promised to go with her I waited. Naa also had a late morning and so the three of us left at 9:15 to get Auo to school by 10:00. It was pouring with rain so we walked in a convoy trying to avoid each others’ umbrellas.

I spent the morning gathering together material for my courses in Period 1, which mostly have to do with WordPress at different levels of ability. I had a coffee with Lars Wessmann to discuss the possibility of a WordPress evening class for teams, clubs and restaurants who want a dynamic online presence.

In the afternoon I finally managed to get some writing and editing done on my thesis. Now I am outside the office looking at the new Film & TV play area, which is being built now. Battleship grey and psychedelic orange are the colours we have apparently chosen. One day it will be filled with FatBoys and digital toys. I am also pushing for a pinball machine.

At home in the evening I will cycle to Alepa for milk, and we will all discuss Naa’s treasure trove of fashion and jewellery.