Saturday, December 28

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Sagara, 10:42


When we went to Hymart before Christmas, I spent some of my time wandering the aisles, looking at the brands and the packaging. Brands that I remember from my childhood live on here. Some, in fact, flourish.

I found Brown & Polson custard, along with the usual Bournvita, Horlicks, and more.

I took a photo of a shelf of Sunlight soap, which I remember from my days as an infant. Ithought that if the package has changed then it has not changed by much. Like Force Flakes (which sadly you don’t find here) the Sunlight packet seems ageless.

This morning, while sitting idly, I google with the intention of lookingt at old images of Sunlight Soap. I find a page full and, to my complete surprise, I discover that my memory has played tricks on me.

The yellow, blue and red have remained constant, and the style of lettering too; but, over the years, the actual designs have varied enormously.