Wednesday, August 22

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Arcada, 13:20

This morning Auo and I set off early again, and met Silja on the bus, with her twin brothers. They all got off the metro at Kulosaari and I carried on to Sörnainen.

I spent the morning in an Its Learning Power Users meetings, at which we ate fruit and discussed how we were using it. Then I had lunch with Raisa, and talked about Pixelache, OKFest and the documentary she has started making about her father who is seventy, a former pilot, and an owner of a four-seater plane which he has flown since Raisa was a baby. The plane is also seventy years old, and that will be the subject of the documentary. I had vegetable moussaka, fact fans.

Now I am washing my hands to remove the excess Tabasco sauce from my fingers. The tap seems photogenic, which may be the effect of the lasagne.

In the afternoon I will discuss my arbetstidsplan with Tommy, and then settle down to try to add some more words to my draft thesis, hoping that today I will be able to do it without mass interruptions from the corridor and/or the phone.