Sunday, December 1

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:25


We woke up late after mistaking a box of wine for a bottle of wine. I finished tidying the house and then went for a walk in the continuing snow and ice.

I walked past several sites of graffiti that looked as though they owed more to drink or drugs than artistic ability.

The sun hung low and bright in the sky, in a way it does in Finland. I make certain not to slip and slide. I walk down to Itis to see if I can get Irma an advent calendar from Body Shop.

I cannot. The assistant skirts round the question of whether they have sold out, or whether they have withdrawn them from sale because December has arrived. The toy section at Stockmann has no such qualms. The Lego advent calendars have disappeared from the shelves because Lego does not do discounts.

I walk home with two advent calendars containing tea bags.