John Schoolcraft: Oatly

POSTED: November 26, 2019

We went to Slush last Thursday and Friday, and we agreed that John Schoolcraft gave one of the most interesting presentations, in terms of content, clothes sense, and delivery. Best shoes in the house!

Entitled How to Crack Consumer Marketing Without a Marketing Team, his presentation traced the history of Oatly since he rebranded it from a health product to a lifestyle product that “aims to do good in the world”.

Slush have published a series of videos called Relive Slush 2019, and it contains his talk. I have put a direct link to it here:

Perhaps my favourite part comes at about the three minute mark where he describes as Oatly’s only strategy document.

He claims they do not indulge in focus groups or monitor KPI or ROI. They simply aim to stay in the top right quadrant of the diagram.

For those of you who wish to know more he recorded an interview for the Challenger Project in 2016:

and a thirty three minute, almost comprehensive, presentation in 2015 at a CreativeMornings talk in Malmö:

Oh, and you can also read something in print in the form of an interview for the Challenger Project from their blog!