Tuesday, November 26

YEAR:  2019 | Tags:  | | |

Vartioharjuntie, 8:16


The strike started and ended yesterday, so the buses run again today. I walk to the stop by the gas station to leap on a mysteriously empty 97V. A few minutes into the journey the bus stops to pick up some more passengers and fails to start again.

It starts and stops and starts and stops, and eventually the five of us get off the bus. I cannot make up my mind whether I should walk back to where I came from, or carry on towards Itäkeskus. I stand at the stop dithering, while the driver continues to try to start the bus.

Eventually I decide that moving forward will make more sense, even if it will take me longer. I stride off and five minutes later, to my surprise and with no stop in sight, the bus pulls up alongside me and the driver shouts “Hey!”.

I climb back on board, thank him, and we continue uneventfully to the metro.