Thursday, November 14

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Arcada, 17:17


I have known about these biscuits (or chocolate balls) since the girls first started school. Everybody finds them irresistible and nobody knows how to deal with them.

Somewhere in Finland a company has grown a business supplying schools with goods for their annual fund-raising efforts and these boxes (along with two or three variants) form a cornerstone of their business. Children order them from their teacher and then go off and sell them. Mostly they “sell them” to their parents who then take them to work and actually sell them to any colleagues who have not already bought a supply from someone else.

I bought two boxes from Nathalie on Monday and have managed to restrict my intake to two a day. I have my second as I return from my final session with the CMS group, and the photograph the box before I take the second box home to hide it..

Monica also has boxes in play, including another variety of must-eat-now biscuits: Isoäidin Suklaakeksit