Sunday, August 19

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Varjakanvalkama, 16:50

We had a fun morning, culminating in everyone laughing at me because I was drinking tea while they were tucking into organic feta cheese sandwiches all sourced from the market yesterday. After that I cycled to Prisma to get something we diidn’t need, just because I could.

Today is Ravintolapåäivä and all food laws are suspended so that people can create pop-up restaurants in their homes. There are two near us and we decided to visit one. Then it began to rain very hard. Then it eased off and, although we thought we were too late, we decided to take umbrellas and go for a walk anyway.

We have just been to Villa Kari, an extraordinary circular house near the sea, custom built by the architect who lives there. His family had a pop-up restaurant and Irma had pancakes and coffee, even though it had theoretically closed an hour earlier.

Now we are at the sea and the rain is scarcely noticeable. Later Naa will go to Kamppi and I will have a shower.