Wednesday, October 9

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Arcada, 15:56


I prepare to leave Arcada before the rain clouds I can see from my desk begin to actually rain. I intend to go home and begin coding another example game in Scratch, to follow the two that I have made so far.

As I walk down the corridor I see one of the newish informal seating arrangements that lay scattered around the building. Seti has done a very interesting job in her bid to soften the building while providing more facilities and more places to meet and work. She has approached it as though the building needed indoor street furniture, and apparently it did.

Earlier, as I passed, these seats contained students in animated discussion. Now the students have left, presumably leaving to avoid the rain that will surely arrive soon.

The rain will start suddenly as I cycle home. Fortunately it will start when I have ten metres to go before I reach the front door.