Friday, August 17

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Home, 17:50

My alarm failed to go off this morning, although the phone said it was on when I woke up at 8:00. Irma had already woken Auo and took her to school. I went to the shed to write and spent most of the morning on Arcada planning. I skyped with Jutta for an hour or so, booked a meeting room ,worked out an agenda, and exchanged ideas and news.

This being a non-eating day, I fed the cat and walked round the garden before returning to the shed to write. This time I went through chapters three and four, worked out how to fix them, and did. In doing this I also moved some material to the remaining (unwritten) chapters so work progressed. Am I on schedule? I am not sure I can answer that. The words arrive as they do, and they are arriving.

Auo arrived home at about 14:00 and I stopped for a lengthy chat. Naa arrived back about four so I paused again. Now Irma and Naa are in Prisma and I have done enough for today. It has been raining hard but now it has stopped, and I am looking back for a second into the shed, which seems to have become my second home this week.