Wednesday, August 15

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Home, 16:15

I got up at 7:00 and went for a run. Then I woke Auo for school. At 8:45, after everyone had left for school or work, I got the ladder and coverings out and painted the side of the garage roof. By 10:30 it was all done, helped by the fact that it was another blisteringly hot day nd the morning sun was aimed straight at where I was painting.

After that I went to the shed and tried writing, but ended up rewriting the first two chapters instead. This is the second down day in my Alternate Day Fasting, and so I was untroubled by breakfast or lunch, although I drank about 4 litres of water.

Irma arrived at midday to meet an electrician who she has asked to install more external sockets, one of which will be used to feed electricity into my writing shed.

Now Auo is back from school and we have walked to Prisma and back to look at the computer that she wants for her birthday: a pink Acer Aspire V5. I am in the garden looking at the sky which is now exactly what we would have all wished for a month ago.

Later I will go for another run.