Sunday, August 12

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Sundö, 12:00

Last night I was the only one who got a full night’s sleep, because the music from Tirmobaren carried on (loudly) until about 1:34, as opposed to its official 23:30 stopping time. It wasn’t just the noise that jept everyone awake, it was the frustration of wondering whether it would ever stop.

I got up about 7:00 and read for two hours. Now everyone else has grumpily got up, and we have eaten breakfast. I have picked up all the bamboo shoots that I can find, and put most things back where they are supposed to be. The chairs are asleep on the reclining chair.

In an hour the cat will return and we will leave for Helsinki. Work starts tomorrow for Irma, and school starts on Monday or Tuesday, depending on which girl you are. Summer is over.

Irma will stop the car at Tirmobaren to have a fifteen minute argument with the owner Markko who will try to convince her that there wasn’t any music last night. This at least has the advantage of dealing with the issue head on, albeit in an oddly surreal way.

We will stop in Porvoo to return library books and, in Helsinki, I will cycle to Prisma to get some milk and eggs. Naa will go to Kamppi to spend the night and the rest of us will have showers and early nights.