Monday, July 1

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Bedroom, 15:46


The wind has turned into a fully fledged gale. According to the weather app I have on my iPad it currently blows around the island at 17 m/s. For comparison, 5m/s feels like a moderate breeze.

I feel no shame in saying that I just looked “m/s” up to check what it stands for. As I suspected it stands for 17 metres per second which apparently equals 61.2 kilometres per hour. I used FT Technologies’ converter to find this out..

According to the Beaufort scale, I can see and feel a near gale of 7. According to Sunshine, he can see and feel the kind of weather that requires staying in all day.

I have followed his advice, alternating between the house and the sauna, picking up the garden furniture which has blown over or blown away every time I pass it.