Monday, June 17

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Prisma car park, 19:32


Summer appears to have arrived, so I got on my bike in shorts and t-shirt and pedalled to Puotila, and met Nathalie on the platform. We chatted until Sörnäinen, and then made our way through the chaos that constitutes the all-consuming road works there, and got a 71 bus to Arcada.

I realised sometime in the morning that all my copies of Todoist still claimed that my subscription will run out tomorrow, despite the fact that I paid my annual fee to the Apple Store last Wednesday. I emailed the Todoist helpdesk with a pdf of my invoice from Apple and got a reply within a couple of hours, saying that they had fixed it. I then used the university credit card that Monica has to buy an annual subscription to CodeAnywhere, and then emailed their helpdesk to tell that that they could give me an educational account now, please.

I followed this up by using Monica’s credit card to book myself three nights in a pod in Iceland in September, as part of the process of organising the meeting in Akureyri.

I spent the afternoon assessing various tasks from the Interactive Storytelling course, and making long lists of scores and notes. I also prepared this Friday’s Miaaw episode for broadcasting, as I probably shouldn’t call it.

I got home early and we set about gardening. Today we trimmed the hedge and put all the trimmings into plastic bags, which we then took to Kontula.

On the way back we call at Prisma, and as we stop I look down at the shopping back on my lap. What a photographic opportunity it constitutes, I think, and whip out my phone.

We will go upstairs to beat the midsummer rush. We will buy food and beer early, along with all the hundreds of other people who have arrived to beat the midsummer rush. If we had waited until Thursday afternoon we would probably have found Prisma completely deserted.

In the evening we will watch a documentary on Teema called Return to Hotel Taj Mahal which will offer a factual version of the movie we watched last Tuesday. It will seem far more interesting to both of us, and some of the facts that emerge will surprise me. Hundreds of guests escaped with no injuries at all, and almost all of those who got shot came from Indian backgrounds.

Most of the people who died, or got severely injured, did so in mundane circumstances. The gunmen executed them, or shot them where they sat.