Friday, August 10

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Sundö, 17:00

The alarm went off on my phone at 7:15 and I woke up cold. The temperature was just over three degrees, and I got up to wake Naa. She got up to go to work in the fields and I went to the sauna house to write. Auo leaped up as well, and both girls trotted to the fields to pick vegetable and herbs at 8:00.

The day got slightly warmer and Irma and I did gardening. In the afternoon we collected Pirjo and all went to the village shop, which we are now learning to call Erika’s. After that I went to Tirmo to get a couple of things that Erika did not have in stock. I spent the ferry ride back chatting with Ville who was on his way beack from Porvoo with a car full of the kind of things you need to celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary. A large cold box occupied the front passenger seat.

Now we are looking at a bag of beans that Irma has brought from Camilla’s shop. What we don’t know is that in a few moments Naa will arrive back with a huge bowl full.

Later the cold will return and I will be the only person not putting socks on before going to bed.