Sunday, June 9

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Sundö, 12:03


We woke up early and wandered round the garden weeding. Irma did some more mowing, and I finished pulling up the bamboo that grew while we stayed in the city. I have it all under control now.

After this I look at the piece of wood that Irma carried from Lapland sometime in the late nineteen nineties, sitting on a rock in the sun. I have probably photographed it before. I photograph it now. I may photograph it again in the future.

In the afternoon we will drive back to Helsinki and start a charitable association with Keba called Snowcastle Valley ry. The name will represent a tip of the hat to Auo, who wanted to build a virtual world with that name, and whose enthusiasm for it drove much of the latter part of my doctoral research. Now, in a somewhat different form which she would approve of, her idea will come to life.

Keba will become immediately enthusiastic when he hears of the plan, which will cheer Irma immensely, since it will add to the feeling that we might actually make this happen.

We will go to Prisma to do the weekly shopping that we did not do yesterday. I will buy some of the little between-your-teeth brushes that Tero showed me on Friday morning when I went for my check up. A perfect marriage of science and capitalism, I thought when he demonstrated one. I will think this again when I see the full range available.

The wind will rise to storm level, although it will remain very hot. I will check my bicycle tyres.

Later in the evening I will go to bed.