Saturday, June 8

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Tirmo ferry, 16:30


Yesterday we left for Sundö at about 18:00, discovered how pleasantly the new car drives down the highway, got here, and noitced that the grass had grown waist high since we last spent time here. We mowed for much of the evening, and then sat with a glass of sparkling wine on the terrace as the sun started to go down.

Today Irma we got up at about 10:00 and left for the market. We arrived too late to find fishcakes for sale, but we did find some fresh fish. We stopped at Benita’s for a coffee and sandwich and talked with Benita’s daughter Anne and her toddler, who refused to tell us her name.

Possibly, Hayley; possibly not.

In the afternoon Irma mowed while I cleaned the sauna and the house which had both received a great deal of attention from ants, mice and wasps. Surfaces got wiped and nests got removed.

The ice cream man arrived, so summer officially began. We bough Smurf Pushups and toffee sandwiches, as well as a pack of Turkish Peber sticks.

One ice-cream later I walk to the ferry to go to Tirmo to buy some cider. I notice that the ice cream kiosk has opened and, on the ferry, I look up at the mast. The ferry contains two cars and me.

The shop At Tirmo has very little stock, so either a big delivery will arrive soon, or it will have no stock all summer. From last year’s experience I expect a small delivery soon.

I will return in intense heat. I will wave to the man in the ice-cream truck as he drives onto the ferry when I walk off. The brief interlude of cloudy sky has obviously ended.