Saturday, June 1

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Prisma, 18:32


The day started hot so I started walking. I walked for a long time through the woods until I came to the ring road and walked left to Prisma and then back along Vartiokyläntie to home.

When I arrived back Tommi and Minna came bursting through the bushes between our houses to look at the new car. Tommi started offering advice about cleaning it and Minna sat in the driving seat. Tommi spends most weekends tending to his two customised cars and we realised that we might have doomed ourselves to join him.

At 15:00 we left for Tusita and Anora’s to attend Thinya’s graduation party. We said hello to Niilia and Mali, and their relatives, and sat and chatted. We had a lot of delicious sandwich cakes, spring rolls, salads, and more.

On the way home we take a detour and go to Prisma for some groceries and flowers. As we leave I sit down on a bench while Irma goes back to check the price of something. I watch people walking past and take a photograph of some apparently choreographed legs.

In the evening we will feel too full to eat a meal. I will read until bed time.