Friday, May 17

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Arcada, 14:17


I cycled to Puotila metro again, wearing no jacket today because the people who claim to know have promised hot weather. I then walked from Kalasatama to Arcada.

I worked all morning on the next two blocks of the Interactive Storytelling course, making certain that I understood how all the controls interacted with each other. I paused every now and then to run it from the student view to make sure it really should work for them.

I did this with such laborious precision because I decided this morning that I will run the Storytelling & Experience Design course, that starts in June, and technically does not have quite enough people enrolled. Not only will I run it, I will transfer it from Eliademy to Its Learning so that I have better control over it, and one less problem to worry about.

I could not do this when we originally set up the course because Its Learning did not have learning paths then, and they make it possible to do what I need to do.

At lunch time I avail myself of the croissants that got left after the entrance exams. They got put in the fridge along with the remaining fruit juice. In order to do this we had to clear out some old juices. I looked at they had use-by dates of January 2018, and have sat in the fridge enjoying themselves and mutating for eighteen months or more. I decided the croissants did not need to suffer this fate.

In the afternoon I look out of the window at the promised sun and go downstairs to photograph someone having a one-man party on the grass. He seems to have a picnic and the necessary bottle of wine to accompany it.

Later I fill in yet another survey about Arcada’s working conditions. I will race through all the remaining tasks in Todoist for this week, and complete them all before I leave for the weekend.