Tuesday, August 7

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Garden, 17:18

I started the morning with a ten minute run, after several weeks gap. I ran fast to Alepa and came back along Itäväylä, and arrived home exhausted.

I spent most of the day painting. Yesterday, while I was doing the house, Irma started on the shed, and did just enough to make it impossible to leave. Since it needed two (and in some parts three) coats, there went the day. Now it is finally done, and I am in the middle of the garden looking at it.

In a few minutes I will go for a second run, at a more measured pace. I checked my diary and realised that I will be running 10km in about three weeks, so I am now going to get my legs into some sort of condition.

One of the things we unearthed when we clear the car shed before repainting it was a 50 metre electrical cable. When I get back from running Irma will point out a way of running it from the bedroom to the shed without needing to leave any doors or windows open. I will check the cable and discover that Moonshine has tried to bite through it at some time in the Spring. Fortunately it is an outdoor cable and the outer sheath was too tough for the cat to bite right through. It still works and with the addition of some electrical tape it probably still works safely.

We will then set the system up before finally settling down to some more Olympics.