Thursday, May 2

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Garden, 18:08


It rained all night and the temperature dropped. I checked the weather forecast and decided to take the bus. I walked to the bus stop in a light drizzle.

The drizzle stopped and I got off the metro and walked from Kalasatama, while listening to Darlingside. I found I still had gloves in my jacket pocket and gratefully put them on.

In the morning I graded two theses and had a quick meeting with Micke about the Nobanet kerfuffle. We have a meeting scheduled for late May in Odense and nobody seems to have the money to travel there. Should we stop the project, or simply reschedule the meeting and wait to see if money magically arrives?

We do not agree.

I went to the mall at lunchtime with Jutta who discovered at the checkout that she had forgotten her wallet. I paid and she reimbursed me later.

In the afternoon I read 4 draft theses and sent comments by email.

I decided that the spring had cleaning worked and Spark works perfectly with Todoist, in that it converts a mail into a task with the body of the mail embedded as a comment. I can choose the project, the label, and the due date. I can retitle the task and then it adds a link to allow me to open the original email in Spark if I want to see the mail inside a thread.

This made me decide to bow out of beta-testing both Airmail and Informant. I have not used Informant for months but I have kept it in case it suddenly improves. I now acknowledged that I saw no sign of that happening and so, after eight or so years, I waved it a final goodbye, and deleted it.

I left for home in heavy drizzle, or steady rain, depending on your level of optimism.

When I arrive home I photograph the water running out of the drain, along the gulley and out into the bushes. The rain has eased off a bit so I don’t need to hurry in as fast as possible.

In the evening we will go to Kampi and then to Stockmann. I will still feel the effects of yesterday’s buffet blowout, and will feel glad to get back.