Saturday, April 27

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Gumbostrand, 16:35


We got up early for a Saturday and I went for a sixty minute walk. I listened to no music, deciding instead to see how much I miss when I do listen to music. Not much, really, but it felt good to check.

We got back into the Saturday morning cleaning routine after the cleaning hiatus at Easter where we varied our timetable, after which I reinstated the traditional Saturday morning shower.

Since I had cleaned myself I now went outside to do some gardening and make myself dirty again. I also got Irma’s bike out of the shed and inflated the tyres.

In the middle of the afternoon we decide to drive to Gumbostrand to look at the exhibition and see if we can see any presents that we should buy. We do.

The current exhibition features Netta Tiitinen whose pictures tend to place children in scenes which melt or decay into abstract art or irregular shapes. I spot one that differs from the others in ways that I like. Does it show an adult-sized child talking to an adult, or a child talking to a child-sized adult? Or something else entirely?

We will spend an hour or so there before driving home to sit in the garden in the sun with a cold glass of sparkling wine. Nothing will interrupt us.

We will spend the evening eating homemade food and talking.