Tuesday, April 23

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Garden, 16:47


I woke early with my head full of things I needed to do. I lay there trying to work out if I should worry about them, or regard their apparent importance as exaggerated by sleep. I ended up worrying about that.

I left the house and remembered at the bus stop that I intended to cycle. In a bid to make me cycle tomorrow the bus turned up ten minutes late.

To further encourage me the bus I took from Sörnäinen failed to stop by Arcada despite five or six passengers shouting, and one of them marching to the driver. I had a ten minute walk up a hill and down again to get back to the stop I should have got off at.

Remember to cycle, I thought, as I finally arrived at Arcada.

I walked into the classroom just as Structuring Information began. The students had arrived ahead of me. We completed a one-page site with an auto-timed Flickity carousel that acted as a menu. Everyone who attended managed to make a working version.

I went for a head-clearing walk and then carried on trying to make sense of what Helsinki University want from me. They seem to need my MA certificate from TAIK certified by a Notary Public and then delivered to them by hand. Well, well.

I had a planning meeting with Sophie which covered a lot of ground, and generated a lot of interesting ideas. The podcasts have proved a saviour for my creative urges in the last six months. Sometimes things just work, and this feels like one of them.

I left as soon as I could and got home early for Sunshine. He raced out into the warm weather as soon as I opened the door.

I follow him outside and photograph the garden. Sunshine manages to move out of the shot before I can add him to the bird, the owl and the pig-dog-thing.

Irma will arrive home about 19:00, after a late meeting, tired and grumpy. Sometimes that happens and usually it means nothing 24 hours later.