Wednesday, April 10

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Arcada, 16:25


Yesterday it had snowed, although it never settled. This morning I woke up to a garden covered in thick frost. Winter had returned and I wished for my winter jacket as I shivered my way to the bus stop.

I spent the morning working on my application. I now saw a clear way through. I could suddenly describe the intended research quite clearly, and a research question formed itself on the screen for me.

I could not escape unwanted questions from across the room and twice I synced Scrivener, picked up my iPad, and worked on a fatboy at the end of the corridor. I returned each time when the corridor filled up with students and I decided to try my luck in the room again.

After lunch I worked with Mirko on the videos for the online course starting in two weeks. Half way through I realised that three of them had gone missing and one of the ones to hand had unusable sound. I momentarily lost momentum.

Mirko suggested that I made the title screens while he found the missing movies. I did. He didn’t.

I went back to the application and did some editing. Enough of it had got done that I now felt that it would get finished. I mailed the summary description to Mats.

As I leave Arcada I noticed a faintly graffitied tree and walked over to it to examine it in more detail. How photogenic I thought, and out came the iPad.

I will arrive home at exactly the same time as Irma. She has had more bad news of the bruising encounter type. We will sit glumly and talked.

Later in the evening she will suggest that we work on the slideshow for a presentation about SISP and DEFY that she will give on Tuesday. Given our moods and our tiredness this will almost inevitably not work, and leave us feeling worse than before we started.

We will have a cup of tea, hug, and I will go to bed.