Sunday, April 7

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Vartiokylä, 17:12


We woke in the middle of the morning, feeling relaxed, and very pleased that we have no timetable at all this weekend.

I went for my first proper long walk of the year. I walked through the woods at the back of our house, turned left at the end, walked down to the big woods, turned left along the path that leads to the ring road, walked under the ring road, and past the sports centre before walking back uunder the ring road again and along to Prisma. There I turned left and walked to the end of Vartiokyäntie and right along it to our house. It took about fifty minutes, powered by Spirit’s Future Games album and some of Andrew Bird’s My Greates Work Yet.

We spent much of the afternoon gardening or doing things around the house. I decided to sweep away all the leaves in the garden that I didn’t manage to get last autumn, before everything starts growing and they get stuck in all the new foliage. Irma decided to take some old photographs and make a large collage of pictures of Auo.

At one point, having emptied a bucketful of leaves into the woods I walk past our house to the end of the road and look at the Volkswagen microbus that arrived there this week. It says Blueswagen on the back, with Puisto Blues in smaller lettering.

I will ask Irma and learn that em>Puisto Blues happens in Järvenpää. I will have a vague idea about where I might find that.

We will go to bed early, freshly scrubbed, ready for another week.