Saturday, April 6

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The woods, 13:45


Irma and I have felt under considerable stress this week, for various reasons, and slept very badly. Today she made up for it and slept until almost 13:00.

I did some cleaning while she slept, and then had a shower. The cat went in and out. When Irma finally woke up I went for a 45 minute walk.

I walk through the woods in strong sun blazing from a bright blue sky. I stop at one point to look at the shadows barring the way. The weather has turned distinctly summery. I feel completely overdressed as I walk and I only have a t-shirt and jacket on (with trousers, ho ho).

In the afternoon I will get my bike out of the shed and inflate the tyres. I will leave them for a couple of hours and then go on a short ride to see if they had simply deflated slowly over the winter, or if they actually have something wrong with them.

The tyres will remain inflated and I will decide that I will ride to work on Monday.

Late in the afternoon we will decide that we feel like sitting in the garden with a glass of sparkling wine, and drive to Prisma to gat ourselves some. When we get back we will go indoors to drink it.

We will eat some leftovers that Irma has turned into a delicious meal, and watch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert on Teema. We will not quite decide if we should give it a one star or five star review.

Later I will look it up online. The global consensus? Four stars.