Monday, August 6

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Home, 18:30

This morning an electrician was supposed to come to wire up the back shed, so that I can use it as a writing den. He didn’t arrive and so no writing happened.

Instead, as soon as breakfast was over, I began painting the house and later Irma began painting the shed. The wooden parts of both have been “painted” with a dark wood stain while Irma believes that nature intended them to be white. We have spent the entire day painting until finally we have it done. Naa and Auo have spent most of the afternoon in Itis, shopping for school things, after which Naa went for a picnic with Wiljam.

The house is now finished. It has two coats and looks much brighter. The shed has one coat and looks like it needs a second, which it might get tomorrow. Next we will go to Kontula to collect some firewood, before we hear thunder approaching rapidly. In the latter part of the evening we will sit watching the Olympics while rain pours down.