Tuesday, February 26

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Garden, 16:42


I had a long and intense dream in the night, from which I woke up several times, before returning into it. Much of it had disappeared when I finally woke up this morning, although I can remember chunks of it, and other parts seem tantalisingly close.

It involved contacting dolphins through a mixture of drugs and blindfolded meditation. The dolphins had serious objections to the way that human beings (”land dolphins”, as they called them) had developed their environment at the expense of the sea. I remembered a long interlude in which the dolphins denied that they had consciousness. The consciousness, they said, belonged to the dolphin nation or, more properly, the dolphin massive. They pointed out that the same held true for land dolphins, except that we did not realise this yet.

Towards the end of the dream all electricity suddenly stopped working. Originally we thought that they had done something to the generators, but we noticed that torches and other battery operted equipment had stopped working too. They explained that they had suspended their belief in electricity. They also explained that we could do this too, if we learned how, which we easily could.

I woke as we tried to persuade the dolphin massive to restart its/their belief, and tried to understand what it/they wanted in exchange.

In the morning I had a meeting with Micke about the still-alive-but-fading-fast Nobanet. We discussed the situation, and tried to work out plausible ways forward. We finished by emailing Karin in Odense.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with Matteo, Shuhua and Tore about the Post-digital project grant that we will apply for. Matteo thinks that we will stand a much better chance if we combine our four separate research projects, and I have decided to believe him.

I leave for home and let Sunshine out when I get there. Later I look out of the window at the strange dusk light and see him sitting on the old bench that serves as his perch. If it has dried and warmed enough for him to start using it then Spring must surely have arrived.

Irma will arrive home about 19:00 full of excitement about the possibilities springing from her meeting today. We will have lengthy discussions, and then calm down with a cup of tea.