Monday, February 4

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Arcada, 11:23


Irma decided to stay at home this morning to deal with her flu. I walked down to the bus stop through the thick snow and ice.

At 10:00 I had a tutorial with Corinne and Laura who have come up with some very interesting ideas that I will need to talk about sometime soon with Irma.

After this I walk round the building and come across some abandoned balloons from an event last week. I photograph them; just in time it will turn out. When I look again later they will have disappeared.

I will have a Skype chat with Jutta who has a severe flu and will go to the doctor tomorrow to have tests. She thinks she has become ill too easily and too often in the last few months.

In the early afternoon I will suddenly start shaking and shivering. I will leave for home straight away.

When Irma arrives home she will find me lying in bed. She will produce a thermometer and tell me that I have a temperature of 39.87˚. I thought that 40 degrees equalled death but since Irma will not seem to find it at all alarming, I will opt to assume the same position and find it merely interesting.

I will spend the next sixteen hours in bed, while apparently getting little or no sleep. My head will feel overstuffed with irritating dreams in which I try to change sheets but cannot manage.

I will wake at 23:11, look at my clock, fall back asleep, and then wake hours later at 23:27. This will continue, with my whole body aching until I check the time at 5:40, fall back asleep, and then wake again to discover that the clock says 7:27.